My role at Rainmaker was as motion designer working alongside many other designers and artists. Below you can find a montage of my user interface design work for Escape from Planet Earth.

The project lasted well over a year due to the full length feature being animated, this was also my first job integrating motion graphics within a 3D pipeline. 

Next to filling digital sets with looping animations and design I was also in charge of creating the news motion graphics package for 'BNN', designing the floating screens, as well as the television phone.
One of the major challenges with this project was joining the production late. It  meant a lot of animation had been finalized and it was my job to design and animate user interface assets to match the characters movements. 

Fantasy user interface design and motion graphics for feature film 'Escape from Planet Earth'
• FUI Design / Animation• 2D Design / Animation• 3D Design / Animation

Motion Design/FUI: Justin Kohse
Studio: Rainmaker Entertainment 
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.
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