Fantasy User Interface design and animation for feature film 'Antman'. 
My role on this project was as Motion Designer/Playback Artist. My job was to create digital interactive sets. 

Creating interface graphics for on-set use comes with it's own set of challenges. Not only do we have to follow a shooting schedule but the graphics need to be completed and creative signed off prior to the interactive prototype phase. 
The scene mapped out below was short but integral to the plot. Our job was to match what was written in the script with visuals in an entertaining but informative matter. 

In this short scene (below), we see a series of screens meant to visualize "water pressure dropping" as the team hacks the HVAC system in a building. 
Below is a short reel of featured work from 'Antman'
Fantasy user interface design for feature film 'Ant Man'

Motion designers
- Justin Kohse
- Corey Bramall 

Studio: West Media Film and Post
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