On Stargate no day was the same, I worked next to another designer as a two man team and we created live and post screen graphics/FUI for sci-fi sets, space-ships, and alien worlds. 
Testing our prototypes meant packaging up interactive graphics on a lap-top and running to set to speak with directors, writers, and producers in-between takes gathering feedback on the go.

• On set "live" Playback• 2D design + animation• 3D design + animation• FUI design and animation• Wireframing ( low + high fidelity )• Prototyping
Holo-screens on the Destiny 
Having the opportunity to design and animate scifi interface graphics on the bridge of the Destiny was my first step into the world of set-design. 
No day the same and no screen the same size. From full length archival screens down to handheld interactive devices. 
Stargate Universe was my first step into the world of motion graphics and fantasy user interface design. 
Fantasy user interface design for television series Stargate Universe

Motion Design and Playback by: 
- Justin Kohse
- Seth Molson
- Lisa Nolan

Studio: MGM 
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